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About Photography / Professional Official Beta Tester Eve LiveseyFemale/Spain Groups :iconpremadebackgrounds: PremadeBackgrounds
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Deviant for 8 Years
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CREATIVE MINDS CHALLENGE IV - Prizes UpdateHello Friends & Watchers!
This year I decided to hold my CMC earlier than usual and to reduce the duration of the challenge.

Hurry up & blow me away with your creativity and craziness!

There is only 1 stock image to use

Please do read the full submission rules before submitting your entry.


This contest is open to my watchers
(become my watcher and you may participate).

Your artwork must be new and created for this contest.

Medium: Photomanipulation or Mi
Duality Of The World. 3 weeks left!Hello everyone!Hi! 
We would like to give a few words of appreciation to our new members. With all due thanks to them who put their trust in us during our difficult time and for their massive support and understanding, we are here once again amongst you to announce the first contest in our new group. :iconArt-Revival:. Thank you all for being with us, we look forward to great entries from you all.❤

“ divinity opposites are always reconciled.” 
― Walter M. Miller Jr., Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman

“In the end there is only light and dark. And the two are not so far apart.” 
― Thomas Lloyd Qualls, Waking Up at Rembrandt's

“Absurdity and anti—absurdity are the two poles of creative energy.” 
― Karl Lagerfeld
Monthly challenge #February17We had fun making the caricatures and hope you will enjoy this challenge too! This months theme is "A steampunk Valentines"
A steampunk Valentines
From this day for forward, we will hold monthly theme based challenges and a contest every three months. The reason being that we rather give big prices four times a year then smaller once every month.
For the challenges you will always win 100 points as first price winner, 50 points as second price winner and 25 as third price winner.
We will continue with our member features on a weekly basis and welcome any photomanipulating artist to be in  our group.
Don't forget to check out our monthly Around the Web too! (based on this monthly theme)
Our February Challenge: Create a photomanipulation or mixed media manipulation in a steampunk setting that you would love to receive for Valentines! Don't forget to check out the Around the web for tips and tricks.
Use only legitimate st

Brave New World Contest - 5 weeks left!I haven't had a contest in ages - it's about time though! :D

Feb. 3rd: updated judges and prizes :heart:
Feb. 11th: updated prizes
Feb. 22nd: updated prizes + entries
Theme: Brave New World
Picture the world 1000 years from now.
Will mankind have vanished? Have we managed to eradicate ourselves? If so how? Was it a bomb, a virus, something out of our reach (a natural catastrophe for example)? Are there still people on earth? How do they live? Or have we moved on to the stars? Maybe everything went splendidly, maybe there is no more hunger and everyone has everything they could wish for. Including your personal android to help with your every wish.
Maybe it's a mix of both, neither completely bad nor completely good.
What do you think? Show us!

(nothing else, sorry)
Photomanipulations are imag
The tandem contest!Yes, yes, you heard it, it's contest time!
And this time, we will ask you to collaborate with someone! :eager:

 So how does it work?

The point of this contest will be to be paired with an artist of another art style (either poems, macro or stock). You'll have to work together to merge your different art styles into one cohesive creation.
In other words, you will have to:
- Either merge a poem with either a stock image or a macro photograph (or vice versa) so the poem will be part of the macro photograph or stock image (like here or here) or include it in the description section of your deviation (like here). 
- Or merge a macro photograph
  Red Riding Hood ContestHello everybody :wave:
I held Draw Tom Ripley Contest in 2011 and KING KONG AND I contest in 2015
with 40,000+ :points: and 20,000+ :points: respectively just to attract many skillful artists to join.
I know it's crazy and too expensive for a personal contest, and it made me poor for years to be able to host a contest again.
Moreover, I had to cope with some contestants who recruited people from their whole country everytime I started the voting. LMAO
Now it's time for me to host my 3rd contest.
To prevent those problems, this time the prize is going to be smaller unless it's Godzilla And I contest. :)
And to reach more contestants, I open for some friend(s) to be a co-host who is willing to promote the contest,
to judge the winners and to give s

Join us for Contest-Events & keep an eye on our page


Stay tuned for our future events!


EveLivesey's Profile Picture
Eve Livesey
Artist | Professional | Photography
All the images uploaded here (apart from everything in my Artwork and Photos Folders) are stock, to be used for PHOTO-MANIPULATION purposes and are free to use. You do NOT need my permission to use them in your manips or to post your work outside DA. Prints on DA are absolutely fine. I am also very happy for them to be used as references for traditional artists.

Do NOT just apply a filter to them, or a gradient layer, or mirror them - THAT is not photo-manipulation as we understand it here on DeviantART, I am perfectly capable of doing that myself (see my Artwork Folder), be imaginative.

If you use my stock you MUST credit me by name and link back to the stock via a clickable URL, this is non-negotiable and if you cannot do this, do NOT use my stock. You MUST notify me that you have used my stock (via comment on my Profile or on the photo you have used - please do not note me as it has been pointed out that DA cannot access my notes for verification of notification).

It has come to my attention recently that a lot of people are posting their manipulations on 500px and other sites without crediting me, I reiterate, if you cannot be bothered to credit me and link back to my photo - DO NOT USE my stock. This stock is offered up for free and the way you pay me is to credit me and link back to me. Do NOT claim that my photos are yours in any shape or form and if I find that you are misrepresenting your manipulations as made from your own photos I WILL DMCA the artwork. If there are any special reasons why you cannot link back to me you MUST notify me and ask for permission.

Do NOT repost my stock anywhere and claim it as yours - these stocks are produced entirely from my own photographs and are copyrighted, they are NOT to be uploaded to Wallpaper sites and don't hotlink to them from any other site. If you link to them I will make a formal complaint and issue a DMCA notice. DO NOT include my photos or PNGs in any scrapbooking kits - they are here for reference and manipulations purposes and I regard this as theft and a violation of my copyright. Do NOT make textures with my stock, Do NOT add any of my stock photos to a Stock Pack.

Do not create PNGs from my stock - anyone who would like to share a PNG they have created for a manip from my stock - feel free to send it back to me for publishing.

If you are going to use my stock in anything commercial I require notification via a note or email.

The same rules apply to my brushes - totally unrestricted - do not upload them to any other site or hotlink to them. I don't mind if you link to the deviation from your website but no hotlinks.

Do not use my stock in conjunction with copyrighted material (i.e. material that is not offered as stock - this includes celebrity photos and images that you found on Google, Pinterest, Tumblr, Weheartit, Shadowplay, Illegal Stock Sites like or someone's blog). Do NOT use my images as previews for PSD colouring where the PSD file includes the original image (even with your colouring applied). You may use my stock for tutorials but you may NOT include my photo as part of the turorial either as-is or via a PSD layer, you must inform me if you have used my stock in a tutorial and you must credit and link back to my photo via a clickable URL from your tuorial.

You MAY share my photos via the Share buttons i.e. so that the post links back directly to my photo but I still require a credit line.

All these rules apply to any of my stock that I sell as Premium Content.

I reserve the right to ban any person from using my stock - I offer it free of charge but it doesn't mean it isn't copyrighted becasue it is. IF I BLOCK YOU THAT MEANS YOU ARE BANNED FROM USING MY STOCK - DO NOT USE ANYTHING YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY DOWNLOADED AND IF I FIND ANY UNAUTHORISED USEAGE I WILL ASK FOR YOUR ART TO BE TAKEN DOWN.

If you have any other questions about usage, drop me a note or an email :-)

You can check out my other stock account here: austriaangloalliance.deviantar… :iconaustriaangloalliance:

I'd like to thank all those people who fav my work - due to time pressure I can't say thank you to you all, but it is truly appreciated. If you comment you will always get a reply :-)

If this reads badly i.e. harshly I apologise - it conforms to the policy laid down by DeviantArt - i.e. legalise should not be polite, you can see the Journal here:…

Stamp for my resources by EveLivesey Safe-stock-resources by EveLivesey Gangstas of Love stamp by Nameda Stock award by Nameda by Nameda



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