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Just an informative Journal for you - I will try and keep it objective but I can't promise that my Northern English sarcasm may not emerge on the odd occasion :giggle: I have decided to publish this because I wanted all Stock Providers that offer Premium Content Stock to know that this could and probably will happen to you if you donate points to anyone for any reason and without checking every stock providers account to see if they offer Premium Content I can't really do it any other way.

This only affects Stock Providers as far as I can tell.

A few weeks ago I received this 'automated' message:

We are contacting you to inform you that we have voided your recent Premium Content Offering or Commission. The Points used for the transaction with USERNAME (I've hidden it) will be returned to the buyer's account and the earnings from this transaction will be removed from your My Earnings account.

We intend deviantART's Premium Content Platform and its associated Commissions Widget to be one of the biggest advancements for artists in recent times. It is designed to help artists sell art on a broad-based platform used by the largest art community in the world. We need to make sure that the Platform is used appropriately and for its intended purpose. Fake sales of artwork in order to "cash-out" deviantART Points is not permitted under the Terms of Service for the Platform. The Terms of Service require an actual sale of art-related content to a genuine third party customer.

Using the Platform is a privilege of a membership in deviantART and use of the Premium Content Platform or its associated Commissions Widget can be revoked for individuals who do not use them in accordance with the Terms of Service.

We hope you continue to use of the Premium Content Platform and Commissions to successfully sell content to others.

Please be advised that this is an automated message. If you wish to inquire further about this, please contact the help desk here:… The Premium Content Terms of Service

The reason I received this message is because I had donated points as a competition prize to someone who had then subsequently tried to purchase one of my premium content PNGs. Well actually they did 'purchase' it - BUT although my points were refunded to the buyer, this happens AFTER they have downloded my stock - so basically they got it for free. The Buyer does not receive any message to tell them that this has happened. This means that I can no longer donate points for competition prizes, or as Birthday presents or just to help someone out, without running the risk of receiving another one of these messages.

I am not the only stock provider that this has happened to and it has caused a lot of anguish, mostly because stock providers on the whole sell their stock so that they CAN donate points, some of them use them for prizes and a lot use them to help to maintain stock groups etc etc

I tried out posting 'Art? as a Premimum Content Photo to the Photography section to see if the same thing would happen and it did not, so it would 'appear' that this code only applies to Stock & Resources section. Why?

So after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing DA have issued this statement:

As soon as a change occurs it will be posted to our community blog to inform all members. Unfortunately we cannot say if/when this change would take place at this time.

I had suggested that they change the code to check the points first and then not enable the download button but send out the same message. BUT now that I see that this code doesn't exist everywhere and as far as I can tell it doesn't affect 'art' (I stand to be corrected as I have only checked it with the Photography Section) I am asking that we stock providers are accorded the same 'privileges' as any other 'artist' here on DA.

There is a way around this for the time-being- set up a separate account for point donations - in this way your stock account won't be associated with the points donation.

And a quick appeal - for those opportunists out there to whom I or any other of my stock provider friends have donated points - please don't think you can now go ahead and download the stock for free - we WILL have your name (DA provides that for us in the automated message).

And now I am going to have a little rant - so you can stop reading now if you want. The premium content platform here on DA has been great for me as it has stopped almost all thefts of my PNGs, but the insinuation that I am making money out of it is absolutely laughable. As a mostly 'free' stock provider it costs me a LOT of money to provide stock - cameras, lenses, tripods, cards, computers, hard drives, travel (the castles won't actually come to me), petrol, hotels, running a car, entrance fees to places etc etc etc and MOST of all - time! and this could be applied to all of the very generous stock providers here on DA. Also there is no mention anywhere that DA actually make money out of my Premium Content - well they do - they take 20% of it - yes, yes I know - covers operating costs, but to tell me it's a privilige is well just a bit too much.

To all of my stocker friends who have received this message from DA and have contacted me about it because they were very upset, and to all those kind people who have 'bought' our stock as a little thank for a prize donation and then then been mortified to find out what has happened I apologise for taking so long to do this, but I preferred to wait until it happened to me and then to give DA the chance to change it without my having to go public. I also promise that if anyone does downlod your stock for free following this Journal I will 'personally' pay you back the points (I will not use any points donated to me but I will buy some).

So feel free to ask any questions if I have not made myself clear :D If I get banned - please feel free to carry on using my stock :rofl:

AND if anyone wishes to share - please feel free - the more people that know about this the better


EveLivesey's Profile Picture
Eve Livesey
Artist | Professional | Photography
All the images uploaded here (apart from everything in my Artwork and Photos Folders) are stock, to be used for PHOTO-MANIPULATION purposes and are free to use. You do NOT need my permission to use them in your manips or to post your work outside DA. Prints on DA are absolutely fine. I am also very happy for them to be used as references for traditional artists.

Link back to me in the description and notify me that you have used my stock (via comment on my Profile or on the photo you have used - please do not note me as it has been pointed out that DA cannot access my notes for verification of notification).
Do NOT repost my stock anywhere and claim it as yours - these stocks are produced entirely from my own photographs and are copyrighted, they are NOT to be uploaded to Wallpaper sites and don't hotlink to them from any other site. If you link to them I will make a formal complaint and issue a DMCA notice. DO NOT include my photos or PNGs in any scrapbooking kits - they are here for reference and manipualtions purposes and I regard this as theft and a violation of my copyright.

You can make premade backgrounds from my stock I reserve the right to add any piece of art created from your background to my favourites list as My Stock Used and to feature these works of art in my Journal. Do not create PNGs from my stock - anyone who would like to share a PNG they have created for a manip from my stock - feel free to send it back to me for publishing hehe.

If you are going to use my stock in anything commercial note me, I'm not going to say no - I just want to know - so that something doesn't come as a surprise and I'm not going to ask you for money either - it's YOUR art..........if you can't contact me via note (I may be away) then please go ahead and use the stock in your commercial project but drop me a note anyway.

The same rules apply to my brushes - totally unrestricted - do not upload them to any other site or hotlink to them. I don't mind if you link to the deviation from your website but no hotlinks.

Do not use my stock in conjunction with copyrighted material (i.e. material that is not offered as stock - this includes celebrity photos and images that you found on Google or someone's blog).

All these rules apply to any of my stock that I sell as Premium Content.

I reserve the right to ban any person from using my stock - I offer it free of charge but it doesn't mean it isn't copyrighted. IF I BLOCK YOU THAT MEANS YOU ARE BANNED FROM USING MY STOCK - DO NOT USE ANYTHING YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY DOWNLOADED AND IF I FIND ANY UNAUTHORISED USEAGE I WILL ASK FOR YOUR ART TO BE TAKEN DOWN.

If you have any other questions about usage, drop me a note or an email :-)

You can check out my other stock account here: austriaangloalliance.deviantar… :iconaustriaangloalliance:

I'd like to thank all those people who fav my work - due to time pressure I can't say thank you to you all, but it is truly appreciated. If you comment you will always get a reply :-)

If this reads badly i.e. harshly I apologise - it conforms to the policy laid down by DeviantArt - i.e. legalise should not be polite, you can see the Journal here:…

Stamp for my resources by EveLivesey Safe-stock-resources by EveLivesey Gangstas of Love stamp by Nameda Stock award by Nameda by Nameda



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